Real Car Pricing

Find out what consumers pay for new and used cars in Australia.

Real Car Pricing


Car prices in Australia are going up!

Chip shortages, supply chain issues and low stock. Three factors causing Australian's to pay higher car prices. Everything is moving fast, making prices seem unpredictable. Our Real Car Pricing sheds light on what consumers pay.

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Analytics and Reporting

Analyse trends and find opportunities in the market. Real Car Pricing is perfect for car dealers and OEMs. Know where your product sits compared to the competition.

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Data Enrichment

Real Car Pricing can increase the depth of your dataset by adding in the true vehicle value. Fleet managers, insurers and financiers can understand their exposure and assess risk.

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Data Sources

Our Data

We incorporate a number of ingredients from our database, including:

  • Vehicle RRP and Driveway Pricing (and the change over time of both).
  • Dealer delivery fees.
  • Price of factory options and accessories and the average take up of both.
  • Advertised retail offers and the dollar value of each component of an offer.
  • Supply constraints and order wait times.
  • A vehicle's desirability.
  • Brand and dealers willingness to discount.
  • Other Data

    We also utilise data from various industry sources including data partners, government, importers, wholesalers and OEMs. This helps us enrich our data and improve the quality of our information.

    Database Fields

    Below are some of the fields available in our Real Car Pricing database. For extra information about the vehicles, take a look at our other datasets.

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    Field NameExampleDescription
    Blue Flag GVCxrp414Blue Flag's unique Global Vehicle Code (ID).
    Real Car Price$22,290Blue Flag's calculated price for what consumers are paying.
    RRP$19,925Manufacturer's Recommended Retail Price.
    MakeHyundaiThe manufacturer of the vehicle.
    Modeli30The specific product within the manufacturers range.
    VariantGoThe manufacturers specific variant or grade of the vehicle.
    SeriesPD.V4Internal code denoting the manufacturers product.
    Compliance Year2022The year the vehicle was verified as meeting Australian Design Rules.
    Body StyleHatchbackThe body style of the vehicle.
    Fuel TypePetrolThe fuel type powering the vehicle.
    No. of Doors5The number of doors fitted to the vehicle.
    No. of Seats5The number of seats fitted to the vehicle.
    DrivetrainFWDWhich axle and wheels are driving the vehicle.
    TransmissionAutoThe type of transmission fitted to the vehicle.
    No. of Cylinders4The number of individual cylinders within the engine.
    Engine Capacity (L)2The size of the engine measured in litres.
    Power (kW)120The power made by the engine measured in kilowatts.
    Torque (Nm)203The torque made by the engine measured in Newton meters.
    AU StatusPast CarWhether the vehicle is a current or discontinued model.
    Model Lifecycle Progress100%Percentage of the lifecycle before the model is discontinued.