NEVDIS Database

VIN Check and Rego Check

What is NEVDIS?

NEVDIS (National Exchange of Vehicle and Driver Information System) is the database that contains information on all vehicle's registered in Australia. All data is imported from the eight state and territory road authorities. Australian businesses and government organisations can search NEVDIS for vehicle identification information and vehicle status checks.

You can get access to the NEVDIS database via the Blue Flag API.

Fresh data

Direct from Austroads and the road and traffic authority, our database is always up-to-date.

100% Coverage

Once registered by a local road traffic authority, all vehicles are ready for a NEVDIS search.

Pay per request

Only pay for what you use. Discount plans with extra savings are also available if you have consistent usage.

Trusted data, directly from the Government

With our API, you can request a NEVDIS search on vehicles registered in each state or territory. This includes registrations for cars, trucks and motorcycles. The information provided is exactly as is from the source system, we do not change it.

ACTACT Road Transport Authority
NSWRoads and Maritime Services
NTNorthern Territory Transport Group
QLDDepartment of Transport and Main Roads
SAService SA
TASDepartment of State Growth (Transport)
WADepartment of Transport
Our data is always accurate. We connect to each of the eight Australian road and traffic authorities.

NEVDIS Database Fields

All the fields listed in the table below are available via the Blue Flag API. The values are exactly as captured by the road traffic authorities and are not changed. For extra information about the vehicles, take a look at our other datasets.

NEVDIS Field NameDescription
Number Platevisible plate on the front and rear of the vehicle showing the registration number
StateAustralian state or territory where the vehicle is registered
VIN17 character unique identifier of the vehicle
Chassisfor older vehicles - the unique identifying number stamped on the body of the vehicle
Makelisted make of the vehicle
Modellisted model of the vehicle
Engine Numberengine serial number
Vehicle Typeroad authority category of the vehicle
Body Typeroad authority body type of the vehicle
Colourprimary colour of the vehicle
Compliance Platemonth and year the vehicle was fitted with a compliance plate
Year of Manufactureyear the vehicle was physically built
Registration Statuscurrent registration status
Registration Expiry Dateregistration expiry date
Written-off Vehicle Notification Statuscurrent written off status of the vehicle
Written-off Vehicle Damage Codescurrent unique codes that dictate how the vehicle was damaged
Stolen Vehicle TypeDetails of what has been stolen
Stolen Vehicle JurisdictionThe state that has reported the theft
Stolen Vehicle Reported DateThe date the theft was reported
Stolen Vehicle SummaryThe police jurisdiction reference number

Use Cases

Leasing Companies

You can easily use NEVDIS to verify that your entire fleet is currently registered. This means that all of your clients are covered and your company is compliant. Also, when you purchase a vehicle fleet from a third party, you can verify all vehicle details in one easy step.

Automotive Importers

From January 2020, all new vehicles must be registered to be counted as a sale in Australia. It’s easy to use NEVDIS to check all your new vehicle VIN's and make sure they show a valid registration status and future registration expiry date.

Automotive Aftermarket Suppliers

Many of your clients don’t know their vehicle’s VIN but they do know their registration number plate! Its easy to use NEVDIS to enter a registration and state and return the VIN. You know know exactly which parts to provide for the client, minimising errors and ensuring repeat business.