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Database Fields

All the fields listed in the table below are available via the VIN Decoder in the Blue Flag API. For extra information about the vehicles, take a look at our other datasets.

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VIN Decoder Field NameExampleDescription
VINJTDAF4E320A005143A unique 17 character code used to identify individual motor vehicles.
MakeToyotaThe manufacturer of the vehicle.
ModelYarisThe specific product within the manufacturers range.
SeriesGXPA16RThe internal code denoting the manufacturers product
VariantGRThe manufacturers specific variant or grade of the vehicle.
Build Year2021The year the vehicle was physically made.
Model Year2021The manufacturers model year of production.
Body TypeHatchbackThe body style of the vehicle.
FuelPetrolThe fuel type powering the vehicle.
DriveAWDWhich axle and wheels are driving the vehicle.
Cylinders3The number of individual cylinders within the engine.
Litres1.6The size of the engine measured in litres.
TransmissionManualThe type of transmission fitted to the vehicle.
Doors3The number of doors fitted to the vehicle.
Seats5The number of seats fitted to the vehicle.