What is the Plate to VIN NEVDIS service?

The NEVDIS Plate to VIN service enables 3rd party companies to obtain specific vehicle information from a Vehicle Registration Plate not limited to the vehicle’s VIN.


Who is eligible to access NEVDIS?

Approved companies are eligible to access the NEVDIS data given certain criteria. Please contact a Blue Flag representative to check your eligibility.


How much does NEVDIS cost?

NEVDIS pricing is based on the data you are requesting. Each data item has a different price and depending on the number of request you make on a calendar month, discounts may apply.


How do I access NEVDIS?

Approved NEVDIS clients can choose from an integrated solution utilising our GraphQL API. Alternatively, clients can provide a CSV or text file for batch processing.


What data is available through NEVDIS?

For a full list of the data made available via NEVDIS, see


What other data is available through NEVDIS?

NEVDIS is able to provide information about the vehicle’s written off history as well as if the vehicle has been stolen.


What is the source of the NEVDIS data?

NEVDIS data is sourced from the eight states and territory Road and Traffic Authorisations.


What is NEVDIS?

The National Exchange of Vehicle and Driver Information System (NEVDIS) was established in 1998 and is owned by Austroads on behalf of the eight states and territory jurisdictions that contribute information.

NEVDIS is a unique national system which enables road authorities to interact across state borders and directly supports the transport and automotive industries. This essential customer service system exchanges national information about vehicles and driver licences.


Insurance Written Off Vehicle Information

for information regarding vehicle history and written off vehicle data,
please click this link


What is a VIN?

A VIN is the 'Vehicle Identification Number' attached to any motor vehicle manufactured on or after 1st January 1989.
Click here for more information regarding VINs.


What is a Chassis Number?

A Chassis number is the identification number attached to motor vehicles manufactured before 1st January 1989. 
Click here for more information regarding Chassis Numbers.


Where to find a VIN on a vehicle?

Vehicle Identification Numbers are located on the vehicle itself, often in numerous places but can also be sourced externally.
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