Car Parc Service

Finally, an accurate and reliable count of your Units in Operation (UIO)

What is Car Parc?

Car Parc is another term for vehicle units in operation (UIO or VIO) which refers to the total number of vehicles that are actively registered across Australia by an individual or organisation. This can include any type of vehicle such as cars, trucks, buses, vans, and other specialised vehicles used for various purposes.


The Data

You supply the VINs of the vehicles they would like to identify the registration status and location of to Blue Flag. Blue Flag processes these VINs through a centralised system which has a direct link to the each state’s road traffic authority in real-time to return:

  • Registration Status
  • Postcode
  • Suburb

JTEBR3FJ00XXXXX01ToyotaLandCrusier PradoVIC3205South Melbourne
JTEBR3FJ00XXXXX02ToyotaLandCrusier PradoVIC3121Cremorne
JTEBR3FJ00XXXXX03ToyotaLandCrusier PradoVIC3047Broadmeadows
JTEBR3FJ00XXXXX04ToyotaLandCrusier PradoNSW2015Eveleigh
JTEBR3FJ00XXXXX05ToyotaLandCrusier PradoSA5171McLaren Vale
JTEBR3FJ00XXXXX06ToyotaLandCrusier PradoWA6007West Leederville

  • Identify where vehicles are located down to a postcode and suburb in real-time.
  • Optimise supply chain management by identifying the location of units in operation and reducing lead times for delivery.
  • Develop aftersales parts and service budgets based on accurate data.
  • Increased sales by targeting marketing efforts effectively.
  • Tracking units in operation can enable car companies to manage their warranty programs better by identifying patterns in vehicle defects or malfunctions.
  • Better identify the age of your vehicles (UIO).
  • Processed data returned in CSV.