We work with a range of companies from government agencies to international organisations and leading automotive brands.

Based in Melbourne, our all Australian company is made up of developers, designers & professional problem solvers who provide a range of creative & analytical services to the automotive and related industries. We specialise in transforming information into insight, which assists in sales, marketing and strategic planning. Our team not only understands the current marketplace, we know where its going…globally.


Our team consists of like-minded individuals with rational creativity. Everyone at Blue Flag lives and breathes the automotive industry – its a company that loves what it does. As the saying goes, two heads are better than one - that’s why we encourage open discussions and sharing of opinions. Every project involves think tank sessions, we analyse multiple points of view and examine all opinions - sometimes we even share them in our blog.

This ensures that the solutions we offer are well considered, relevant and useful, ultimately benefiting our clients as well as broadening the knowledge base of our team. With experience, professionalism and acute attention to detail, our approach gets results. We are proud of our achievements thus far, but still look forward to developing more innovative solutions. Clients who have been with us from the beginning are still with us today – that’s saying something.