Learning Management System
Imagine reaching your full potential
a-LMS is an enterprise Learning Management System, developed specifically for the Automotive Industry, Dealer Networks and their Supply-Chain Network. Engage your Dealer Network and staff with an industry-leading learning and development platform boasting the latest trends and technologies. Training and learning development plans are centralised in the a-LMS and each team member benefits from a personalised user experience that has been tailored to their specific learning requirements. Because we believe a relevant and meaningful learning experience is what matters most to people.


Engage Your Staff with a-LMS, a Learning and Development Platform Boasting the Latest Trends and Technologies.
We deliver high quality, content-rich learning management solutions that are creative, engaging and user-friendly. We can design, set up, host and support your LMS and provide you with expert advice. Whether you want game-based content, videos, quizzes, live-streaming, social media integration (or a blended approach) - we will ensure your staff are compelled to learn and engage positively with your organisation.
Experience a Robust LMS Solution Tailored to the Automotive Industry.

With over 10 years experience in Learning and Development, we are the specialists in delivering LMS solutions to the Automotive Industry. We understand that achieving continuity of training with thousands of employees across multiple dealers and regions is challenging. Layers of hierarchy between head office, regional offices, managers and staff further complicates this. Blue Flag a-LMS is built to manage and in fact thrive in these complex environments.
Deliver Content That is Meaningful, Relevant and Tailored to the Individual.

Naturally, different departments and staff have diverse training requirements. Some only need to access certain resources, while others need to be certified and recertified every three years for policy and compliance. Then consider that some staff have to service a vehicle, while others have to sell it. While your list of requirements may be extensive, our solution is simple: we customise to your specifications.
Nurture a Workplace Culture That is Inspired, Engaged and Adaptive to Change.

To remain cutting edge, automotive brands and the dealer network need to be up-to-date with the latest industry information and policies. The sheer volume of employees in a large, multinational company can challenge staff communications and information dissemination. We understand that applied knowledge is power, brand consistency is essential; and in technical environments: accuracy is mandatory.
Experience Blue Flag a-LMS
Select courses in their own region Enrol in courses relevant to their role (eg. sales or servicing) Participate in online training for their department Create bespoke learning plans
Watch product and training videos View a wide variety of vehicle information Navigate documents, news items, operating procedures and user guides
Analyse their Dealership’s progress compared to the rest of the region Observe staff member’s progress in their learning plans View a staff member’s training history
Enrol staff in face-to-face training workshops and/or webinars Work with staff to create a tailored learning plan aligned with their professional development goals
Create course content Upload eLearning modules Compare and contrast completion rates by user and region Develop curriculum and assign training
Manage attendance at face-to-face training workshops Extract raw user data for compliance Communicate new course content and staff information
Work with industry-leading Automotive Industry experts Access our team’s technical expertise and industry insights Share the journey with us from product design to implementation
Ongoing support, because we are easy to contact by phone or email. Seeking a custom or advanced report? We are more than happy to assist you Regular email communication keeps you up-to-date with new vehicles, launches, facelifts and industry insights.
The Specifics
Accessibility and Security
a-LMS is compatible with Single-Sign-On (SSO) so users aren’t required to remember yet another username and password.

Multi-Factor-Authentication (MFA) can be enabled during the sign-up process as well as when the user logs in to the platform.
Each user of the a-LMS will have their own tailored and personalised experience. This experience is tailored to the department of the Dealer the user is in, their job position, how far they have progressed through their learning and development plan, and the region they belong to. The a-LMS has a responsive user interface enabling users the flexibility of accessing training from any device.
Learning and Development
a-LMS delivers a range of learning and training types including:
  • Face-to-face training
  • eLearning
  • Exams
  • Quizzes
  • Micro-Learning
  • Certifications and Recognition
    Interactive eLearning
    eLearning training has helped us transform learning and development from expensive in-classroom training to delivering training digitally with the ability to measure competencies in real-time. eLearning has enabled our clients to scale training to offer learning and development more frequently and cost effectively.
    Each User’s dashboard lists individual training history, upcoming training activity, notifications and bulletins, as well as individual user details. Individual learning and development plans can be tailored to specific job positions guiding users through the recommended training to improve their skills and increase performance.
    Mind the Gap
    Reporting is made easy in a-LMS. Dealership Management, Regional Offices and Head Office have access to the reporting suite which provides insights into learning and development completion. This can assist Managers to identify their team’s strengths and opportunities, alongside any gaps in learning and development. The a-LMS reporting suite is designed to provide actionable insights to any level of Management.