Streamline your review and approval workflow with Chekt, the easiest way for your team to quickly and efficiently work through any business process.


No more double-handling data or double inputs across teams.

Improve efficiency and eliminate waste whilst streamlining processes.

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Chekt provides real-time automated reporting all in the one application.

Consolidate responses and make sure your team sees the latest feedback and documents.

The Chekt application avoids unnecessary duplicate data entry, improving data quality and accuracy.

Start managing your workflows and approvals more effectively, eliminating the need for endless paperwork and Excel spreadsheets.

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Select from pre-populated Action Items or create and assign new Action Items in real-time.

User Dashboard shows the check pertaining to each specific user.


Reports are generated and updated instantly.

Compare workflow stages to audit how a region is performing against the national average.

View an audit's performance at a glance or across your whole network to identify areas of opportunity.

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