Wirelessly Charging Electric And Hybrid Vehicles

Formally known as inductive charging, this technology has been around for decades, I even remember seeing Braun’s Oral-B toothbrush have wireless charging in the early 1990s. So, why not for cars?

Of all the new innovative green technology introduced to the marketplace, this is something that we can actually expect as electric powered vehicles surge into the market. The technology has been refined over decades of R&D and is used in a variety of different industries other than automotive. If you haven’t been introduced to the technology already, you will soon be sure to see these charging pads or docks in your homes this Christmas, maybe not for your vehicles, but for your phones, mp3 players, remotes and even laptops.

The potential of this technology is endless; think of our entire road network embedding this technology, including our footpaths! Remember that major issue of EV travel range? We have an answer.

OK, let’s be realistic, we’re unlikely to see our entire road network integrate this technology because of infrastructure costs, but why not in car parking spaces and your home garage?