Trending Colours In Australia

Who would have guessed that white would be the number one colour of choice in 2011 when buying a new vehicle?

Well, it’s true! I just bought one myself!

After more than a decade of silver sitting at the top of the list for the most popular colour of choice for new cars, a recent study by one of the world’s leading manufacturers of transportation coatings revealed that white is the most popular colour to coat your new car in 2011.

The study looked at trends from around the globe and concluded that around 21% of 2011 model-year cars around the world are white. Silver and black were tied in second place at 20%.

However, distinct regional differences remain, 20% of American customers chose white as their preferred colour, and silver was second with 19% followed by black in third with 18%.

In Europe black is the most popular colour of choice with 26%, followed by white at 19% and silver coming in third with 16%.

While in Asia/Pacific regions silver ranked first with 25%, followed by white with 23% and black finishing with 17%.

Many factors play a part when buyers are considering what colour to choose for their new car. What does the colour say about the individual? Does the colour portray the buyer’s personality? Things like fashion, technology, music, television and new pigment technology all have an influence on colour trends.

So, if you want to retain the best resale value; white, silver and black seem to be the obvious choice as these colours never seem to date.