Electric Car Market Now A Reality

A new solid-state battery technology based on the principles of quantum physics is said to reduce battery weight by over 2600%. Let’s put that into perspective, a typical 410kg lithium ion battery can now be replaced with a higher performing 15kg alternative? Yes, please!

Current developments are underway and all the thanks for the weight reduction can be given to engineers straying away from the fundamental chemically operated battery technologies. This allows numerous advantages which include unlimited charge & discharge cycles, no power leakage over time and a wider operating temperature range.

“Prototypes have been developed, tested, validated, improved, and capacity increased systematically since 2007. We are now in pre-production, preparing for low volume mass production. We are also looking for potential manufacturing partners, licensees, and JV partners to move into high volume mass production and address the market needs of specific targeted industries, of which one is automotive.” - Jim Uno, Company CEO of American Green Lights and Hachipa Inc.

We’re told there are no plans to sell this technology to companies that want to shelf the technology, it seems the best interests lie in delivering the technology to the masses, so how much is it going to cost? This is where it really gets exciting, half that of the traditional lithium ion batteries in small capacity devices and an extraordinary one fifth of the cost of high capacity devices. In terms of the automotive industry, this just made the idea of an electric car only market a reality.